Bravo Savings Network will clean 1000 kg of waste from the ocean between Black Friday and Christmas 2022!

Help us by shopping from our website - let’s make the world a better place.


Making the world a cleaner place is important to us and that’s why Bravo Saving Network has decided to give its contribution to make this happen.
Our project is ambitious and this is why we have decided to choose an international partner. We have agreed with Ogyre to provide funds for the removal of at least 1,000 kgs of waste (plastic and other contaminating materials) from the Indonesian, Brazilian and Italian seas. This waste will be extracted from the local fishermen in the next 12 months.
Not sure how much is 1.000 kgs of waste? It’s the equivalent of 100,000 plastic bottles! Why don’t you give your contribution to the Bravo for Oceans project? It’s really easy.
Make a purchase with one of our partner brands between the 25th of November and the 25th of December 2022 to help us reach this big mission: making this a cleaner planet (since it’s the only one we have) by supporting the local fishermen communities in many parts of the globe and reducing the pollution in our seas and oceans.

Eco Sustainable Shopping!

We want to promote the idea that shopping online can be conscious and support a sustainable environment. Choosing Ogyre startup to collaborate on this project has given us the chance to implement the environmental conservation purpose. This project will in fact focus on the protection and conservation of the marine ecosystem.

Brazil, Indonesia and Italy are the areas where Ogyre is active with a twofold target: local fishermen will remove the debris from our seas, we will provide these communities with an adequate economic income and the marine pollution will be considerably reduced.
The protection of our oceans and the support towards the local communities will be made possible through our collaboration with Ogyre.
So why don’t you get involved in this initiative- your help means a lot to us!
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Legal Notices
Bravo Savings Network is owned by Webravo S.R.L.
Thanks to the collaboration with Ogyre (Ogyre), Webravo S.R.L. will contribute to the collection of marine litter.
The “fishing for litter” activity will be managed by Ogyre, and part of the economic contribution will be financed by Webravo S.R.L.
The agreement with Ogyre foresees an economic contribution that corresponds to at least 1000kg of litter collected from the seas of Italy, Brazil and Indonesia. Webravo will guarantee the contribution once the achievement of 1000 kgs of waste is reached.
A group of selected brands will take part in this project and will be displayed on our Bravo Savings Network portals.
In the unlikely event of Ogyre not being able to achieve this goal, Webravo S.R.L. will donate the remaining funds to an alternative non-profit organization with the aim of supporting the environment.